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A Statement from Landlord Legal In Response to Defamatory Libel Currently Being Published:
It has come to our attention that an angry, adverse party to a long-ago case is so embittered by our effective advocacy that they have made it their mission to destroy the reputation of Landlord Legal, certain clients of the firm, and certain sub-contracted agents that provide exceptional support services to our clients.
Were it not for the very strong referral base and excellent reputation of our firm here in Barrie and beyond, this individual might just succeed in really harming our business. We are concerned that the potential clients who do NOT know us, and are not referred by someone they trust, might believe some of the most disturbing, completely false publications that are prominently placed near our own online presence. This individual is intentionally driving traffic intended for our firm to these defamatory websites, and we are taking this person to task by way of civil proceedings and, possibly, criminal charges. All of that will take time to resolve, of course.
We invite any potential client, legal professional or internet user who has come across these defamatory websites to write to us, and tell us how that has impacted you as a potential client in search of legal services such as ours, or how you viewed our firm as a result of these publications. We have built this firm one case at a time for the past 15 years, and will not tolerate this disgusting attack on our hard earned reputation. Landlords need us. We need landlords. Together, we can stop a cowardly bully who hides behind the curtain of the internet to intentionally harm landlords and those who serve them, without any lawful justification or excuse. Internet bullying and cyber defamation is an emerging, serious issue that requires a united and strong response. We intend to face this problem head on, just as we would for any of the matters our clients entrust to us.
Please, let us know your thoughts. Emails to info@landlordlegal.ca are welcome, with the subject line "DEFAMATION OF LANDLORD LEGAL".
Thank you for your support.
Professional Services for Residential Landlords
  • Determination of Issues - Recommendation
    of the Appropriate and Legal Eviction Process
  • Accurate Preparation of the Required
    Legal Forms
  • Process Serving, Inspections & Investigations
  • Advocacy and Legal Representation
  • Defence of Tenant vs. Landlord Claims
  • Assisting Landlords Anywhere in Ontario
  • Educational Seminars & Public Speaking Engagements
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