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Tenant with Long History of Abusing
Landlords Found Guilty of Fraud
Nina Willis, a Toronto tenant who has been evicted from at least seven homes sonce 2005 for not paying rent, was found guilty after an eight day, spectacle trial.
Click here to read more at thestar.com
Dragons' Den Meaford!!!
Our very own April Stewart will be one of 5 Dragons (Judges)
at this year's sixth annual production of Dragons' Den Meaford
Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 - Meaford Hall
Modeled after the popular CBC television program, Dragons' Den Meaford is a unique spin-off event that has kick-started several local businesses since its inception. This event has created more than ten new Meaford business start-ups and $12,000 in cash and in-kind contributions has been injected into Meaford's economy since 2009. The positive business news story that was generated for Meaford in the media has extended as far as CBC Radio coverage.
Dragons' Den Meaford Call for Contestants: Click Here to Visit the Website!
Carbon Monoxide Alarms Now Mandatory in Ontario Homes
The new regulation, which updates Ontario's Fire Code, requires detectors near all sleeping
areas in homes with fuel-burning appliances, such as furnaces, stoves or fireplaces.
It also applies to all residences with attached garages.
This new law certainly applies to landlords who will be required to update their rental properties where necessary...
"If you don't have a carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home yet, time's up. Effective Wednesday, alarms that can detect the deadly gas are mandatory in almost all Ontario homes.
The new regulation requiring the carbon monoxide alarms follows passage on the provincial legislature last November of a private member's bill proposed by Progressive Conservative MPP Ernie Hardeman.
The new law is named the Hawkins-Gignac Act in honour of OPP Const. Laurie Hawkins and her family, who died in 2008 of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a blocked chimney in their Woodstock, Ont. home. Carbon monoxide, which is colourless, odourless and tasteless, kills more than 50 people a year in Canada, including 11 on average in Ontario..."
  Click Here for more information.
REIN Real Estate Report July 2014
"OMG, My Tenant Stopped Paying… NOW WHAT?"
by April Stewart
April Stewart has been published in the July issue of the REIN Real Estate Report...
"It's the part of the investment business no one wants to think about – tenants who don't respect you, your property, or the terms of the lease. After all reasonable efforts to resolve the issues, it's clear: the only way out is through eviction…"  Read More
The REIN Real Estate Report is now Canada's No. 1 real estate information source for investors, homebuyers, and professionals - your "go to" real estate investment news, analysis and context resource. Access the context that makes all the content worthwhile. Click to sign up for your copy of the REIN Real Estate Report today.
It's Official!
Non-profit Housing Co-operative Evictions are now
Governed by the Landlord and Tenant Board!
And Our Paralegals are Ready, Willing and Able to Assist You!
On June 1st 2014, Bill 14, the Non-profit Housing Co-operatives Statute Law Amendment Act, 2013 was proclaimed into law. This Bill amends parts of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (RTA); and sets out a few key amendments, including that non-profit housing co-operative eviction tenure disputes will come under the RTA. This means that applications for eviction orders will now be filed with the Landlord and Tenant Board and not the courts.
Durham Real Estate Investors
April Stewart was a keynote speaker at the April meeting of the Durham Real Estate Investors group. April spoke on buying and selling tenant occupied properties - and what goes wrong, regularly, when real estate professionals underestimate the power of tenants...
Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™)
April Stewart recently presented at the May 2014 Ontario REIN™ workshop. Here is what they had to say about her contribution:
"On behalf of the REIN™ Team, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your time in presenting at our workshop. We realize how busy your schedule is and truly appreciate you making this a priority and working with us to make our event another successful one. The information you conveyed was very valuable...Valerie Boyda, per The REIN™ Team"
Investor AwardInvestor Award
Landlord Legal Won at the
2013 Top Investor Award for
Canadian Service Provider of the Year
Winners were announced at the Investor Forum Toronto during a luncheon gala ceremony on Saturday March 9 at the Toronto Congress Centre
Landlord Legal won the award for
Service Provider of the Year!
Click Here for more information
Women On Top
An article by GoodLifeMagazine.ca about fabulous business women
in Simcoe County, including our very own April Stewart!
Click Here to read the full article!
Are You A Landlord in Need of Help?
If you are an Ontario Landlord with problem tenant(s) we can help!
 Our Intake Process - Please Read Carefully:
We ask that all new AND returning clients follow our intake procedure in order to streamline the process of determining the best course of action for your situation.
The first step is to click on the tab called "New Clients" in the navigation menu at the top of the page. You will be taken to our online intake form. Please fill in ALL of the information on this form with as much detail as possible, then click: "SUBMIT"
Once you have submitted our intake form, you will hear from us within a few business days. We may request some additional documentation and/or information.
   Click here to fill out our intake form.
Gavel & Scales of Justice
NOTE: Effective November 1, 2007, representatives appearing before the Landlord and Tenant Board must be licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Be cautious about anyone who cannot provide proof of their status with the Law Society. You can find more information on their website at www.lsuc.on.ca - under the Paralegal Regulation link. All licensed members are published in the Member Directory - And yes, you will find us there!
Dear April/Landlord Legal - Cindi and I really want to thank you for your help in evicting our tenant. April you really went the extra mile with your awesome service. Our situation was extremely uncomfortable and frustrating, but your compassion and stellar expertise gave us faith and confidence. You gave us excellent ideas and detailed information as to how to expedite our eviction and get through a challenging ordeal. We were both extremely impressed with your knowledge. You always gave us prompt responses with such an incredible passion to fight for our (landlord) rights, and we are both truly grateful for your efforts! You not only excel at Landlord Legal, you are truly a special person.
All the best!
   - Cindi Willis and Wayne Gendel

As a company with several rental units in our real estate portfolio, we rely on industry professionals to help us succeed in our business. We have been very fortunate to meet April Stewart at Landlord Legal. She has been able to provide the necessary professional expertise with respect to dealing with problem tenants that we could not.

I have asked April to help me out on two occasions, and, on both, she went above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that my problem tenants were dealt with quickly and fairly. As a result, April now provides a key component of our overall real estate business. Without her and her team, I honestly don't know how we would have made it through the landlord-tenant eviction process.

I whole-heartedly endorse April and Landlord Legal and recommend them to all my landlord colleagues facing problems with their tenants.

   - David Hamilton

Dear April,

Once again I would like to thank you for your prompt advise that worked for us, and sincere human interest to fight injustice.

With great appreciation,
   - B.B.

Hi April and Marni,

Just wanted to say thanks again for your help with expediting the departure of our tenant in apartment 4. We found your service to be efficient, effective and affordable. Your knowledge of Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act helped us to reach a reasonable settlement in a situation that could have extended far longer without your advice and expertise. Under the circumstances, it was a pleasure working with you, and we would not hesitate to retain your services in the future. Finally, we would strongly recommend your services to any residential Landlord who is dealing with a problem tenant, and is unfamiliar with the "twists and turns" inherent in Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act. I think that would include most of us who rent residential property in Ontario. Thanks again for your assistance.

   - Lou Petrash
      LINMAR Investment Corporation Limited

Dear April - Just to give you a thank you for your working for us and be so helpful in so many ways - the support has been awesome and your knowledge of the whole rental field is, well, I believe God sent us to the best. Thank you.
   - J. Hutchins

Hi April, I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and advice in our recent encounter with our tenant. We would have had a lot more trouble getting them out if we hadn't used your services. We have not heard from them since (and hopefully won't). We have worked day and night getting the house in listing shape and it is finally ready and will likely be on the market on Monday for a *hopefully* quick sale, and certainly your expertise was a huge help. We have already recommended you to Karin's son and would only be too happy to recommend you and your staff to anyone.
   - Yours truly, Ken & Karin

April is well respected in the real estate industry. In the Province of Ontario where Landlord/Tenant matters seem to be one-sided, April "The Terminator" is well-versed, knowledgable and experienced in legal matters when it comes to resolving issues for the Landlord. She is passionate and has a lot of drive in protecting the Landlord but also tries to mediate and get co-operation with tenants in the interest of time and money. If that does not work, she will do whatever is necessary within the legal system in the best interest of the Landlord.

I have and will always continue to refer April to my investor clients in Barrie needing any services of this calibre.
   - Shannon P. Murree

"The hostage taking is over!" Exactly one year ago today on the early morning of December 11th 2009 - just after 7 a.m. - April Stewart conveyed the good news to me by e-mail. That e-mail concluded a tension-filled, stomach-wrenching roller coaster ride that took me - as a landlord of a modest family home - into a bizarre experience in a landlord/tenant relationship that started when my property manager decided to rent my family home to a tenant - an ODSP recipient and his dependents.

No sooner did the tenants take up residency than I was burdened with numerous complaints that the house was in a state of disrepair and that I had caused the state of disrepair through my negligence. No matter what repairs and maintenance I provided - the tenants were on an obsessive mission to get as much as they could out of this landlord.

The tenants were now taking me to the Landlord & Tenant Bureau and requesting compensation!

Luckily - my brother discovered - through the Internet - the saviour - April Stewart a.k.a. "The Terminator."

April Stewart did not just act with integrity to defend my interests - she made contact with a realtor friend in North Bay - who assisted in the process of delivering the appropriate notices and made on-site inspections of the premises.

To have "The Terminator" work on my behalf - not just to win my case at The Hearing in North Bay - but to protect my home from even more unnecessary damage and to do it by remote control - long-distance - is a tribute to her professionalism.

The great singer Tony Bennett said it best in his sentimental, romantic hit: "I Wanna Be Around To Pick Up The Pieces When Someone Breaks Your Heart." That is how I felt when I first met April Stewart and immediately knew she was the solution - the one who would defeat the difficult tenants who almost ruined my precious family home.

And when that final word of victory was given at The Hearing it was that shouting from the Jerry Lee Lewis piano pounding hit: "You Win Again!" that surely describes more than my words could - the gratitude and sincere thanks I now offer to you - April Stewart.

God Bless.
   - Bruce, Toronto

Hello April! Just a quick note to say "Thank YOU"!! I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me and the piece of mind you gave even from 6 hours away. The trust and integrity that was afforded to me by your professionalism and constant reassurance with confidence in dealing with the issues let me finally sleep at time. I would love to take you out for lunch when I'm in Barrie and personally thank you for everything! We need more "Landlord Legal" offices in Ontario and I hope you take your business to a new level.
   - Doris Gramola

Dear April & Wayne, Thank you so much for all your time and efforts which were put in on those horrible tenants of ours on John St. We are very grateful to both you and Wayne. Without you April I think I would've gone into a nut house!! Thank you so much for helping us. You are a great TERMINATOR.... Love ya both.
   - Patricia & Pino

I came to April with what I thought was an impossible task, of removing a problem tenant. April clearly explained the steps I needed to take in order to resolve my problem. All April’s strategies unfolded as planned with positive results. April’s communication style is open and honest, and inspires confidence. The results we obtained would be impossible to achieve without someone with April’s skills and experience. April handled all aspects of my case in a courteous and professional manner, and I would certainly recommend her services to anyone needing legal representation regarding landlord/tenant issues.
   - Paul Cudney

Dear April/Landlord Legal,

I simply can't say enough about the help that April gave me with my problem tenants. She instantly took all of the stress out of the situation at a very reasonable cost. She is a total pro. I would highly recommend Landlord Legal to anyone. Big thanks April, to you and everyone at Landlord Legal.
   - Don Hinde

I can't thank you enough April for all that you have accomplished for us. From calming counsel and expert legal guidance right through to getting an eviction, as you said you would. You truly are the TERMINATOR of scumbag tenants. AWESOME VIDEO!!!
Thanks again,
   - Tom & Tracey

To anyone interested in the services of
Landlord legal -

I could have never imagined how hard it is to evict someone until I was faced with having to do it myself. It wasn't until I started the process that I realized that it is impossible to do on your own without proper legal counsel. There are so many "t's” and “i's" that need to be crossed and dotted and if you miss one, you could lose a lot of time and money. That is when I contacted Landlord Legal.

The best part about April Stewart and her team at Landlord Legal is that they're specialists. Evicting "bad" tenants for "good" landlords is all they do! I could have NEVER evicted my bad tenant on my own. He was a professional con who played the legal system with expertise. But what my bad tenant didn't know was that April is more diligent and a lot smarter than he was. April's a hard working, super persistent woman who is at the top of what she does and gets the job done, period.

I hope I never have to use April's services again but should I ever need to, you better believe that the only person I will call before anyone else is "The Terminator!"
   - Nick S, Toronto

Dear April, I just wanted to thank you once again for your kindness, your determination and hard work in getting this person out of my house. You have been the light at the end of the tunnel through this whole ordeal. When I felt there was no hope, you helped me. Your professionalism, patience and wisdom really paid off. I am a lucky person and very grateful to you. I will proudly tell everyone and anyone I come across with landlord and tenant issues about you. You have truly been a GOD SEND. Job well done, in record time as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
   - J. Jahnke, Alliston, ON

Attention Barrie Landlords! She calls herself "The Terminator" - but I prefer to think of April Stewart as an ANGEL. I was one of those landlords who went along with fairly good tenants for years and never needed legal help. UNTIL this year! Absolutely everything at my rental house went wrong. The tenant was a squatter for 6 months along with his 3 buddies. I was so frustrated at not being able to contact them as they took down the doorbell, stopped the phone, did not answer doors or letters. This went on monthly and my house was more trashed each time I went. I DID NOT KNOW WHO TO TURN TO OR WHAT TO DO. A realtor friend gave me the name of LANDLORD LEGAL - APRIL STEWART. I cannot express the relief I felt after our first meeting. She was sweet yet had that toughness needed to get this tenant evicted legally and quickly. The great thing was she completely took over and I did not have to get all anxious going there and seeing this angry, destructive man. I did not have to call the police anymore. April knew all the proper forms to fill out (and there are many). She personally delivered the forms AND arranged and went to court for me and with me. She was very supportive and seemed to really empathize with my fears. I am a Registered Nurse and was trying to pay my mortgage on the house and a rent-to-work in Toronto. I saw money just dwindling and these people enjoying my house for nothing and completely destroying it in the process. April got him out for me. I could never have done it on my own. She was an ANGEL. It is sad people are like this. For a slight fee April saved me thousands of dollars - but most importantly was there for my many questions and was a terrific support emotionally as well. If you are having tenant troubles I would highly recommend LANDLORD LEGAL. CONTACT HER TODAY and actually sleep tonight! Thank You So Much April!
   - J McLean

I first was introduced to April Stewart of Landlord Legal while awaiting my first hearing. At that time I did not have representation and was wondering if it was necessary. I was in a room full of tenants, landlords and lawyers and one by one I watched the cases go before the board member and for the most part was not impressed. I found many of the lawyers were not prepared, had the wrong financial numbers and their papers were scattered ... and then there was April. April was with her clients waiting like myself and trying to calm her clients, who were clearly worried. I watched as she presented the case and was impressed. My case had been dismissed but I had received word that another case would be filed and my previous tenant was asking for a significant amount of money. Before leaving the court room I introduced myself to April and asked for her business card, just in case. Sure enough, my previous tenant filed her case and was asking for over $4000.00 in compensation. Floored, I called April to discuss how to proceed. April was very knowledgeable and within 10 minutes of our first meeting I knew I had made the right decision in contacting her. The case went to trial and when it was all said and done, the tenant received less than 20% of what she was asking for. I credit my success with the case to April; she is a pleasure to work with and was always professional.
   - Rachel Graham, A.Sc.T.

April is effective! We have used her twice and she always gets delinquent tenants out expeditiously.
   - Robert Orland

Dear Ms. Stewart, thank you so much for sending me such an "insightful" and straight-forward email. You have been very helpful the whole way through! And I truly do admire your thoroughness and dedication to your "craft!" In my opinion you are not only good at what you do, but you're a credit to the entire human race!!! And I want you to know that I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!! Have a lovely holiday season my dear, and it's been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks again!!!
   - Stephen Mosley

Dearest April - Craig and I just wanted to thank you for your valuable guidance during our difficult time evicting our tenant in Mattawa, Ontario. In 20 years of renting, we had never had to use the judicial system for any tenant but this one was so bad, we wanted to make sure we did it right the first time. You filled in all of the complicated and sometimes confusing paperwork, and made sure we filed it on time and in the right sequence. You also answered a great deal of questions from us. You were always there for us either in person or by phone with a kind word of encouragement. There were many times I called you because I knew I would not sleep without getting a new question answered and your prompt reply always clarified the situation and I was able to rest easy. The day in court in North Bay came and we saw a lot of people's trials take place before ours and we knew we had been wise to hire you as some of those landlords lost their cases on lack of evidence or technicalities. Our turn came and we won on damages, that you had so carefully guided us to document properly. In addition, you had given us pointers for the day in court which helped a great deal to relax us before the trial, as we kind of knew what to look for and what to expect from the judge, the witnesses and the tenant. In closing, I want to let your prospective clients know that every penny it cost us to get that tenant evicted was well worth it. We were able to not only get him out, but get him to clean up most of his mess as well! We would not hesitate to recommend you, and would use your services again should we ever need them.
GOD bless you and keep you safe,
   - Linda Cockburn and Craig Shanon
     Stroud, ON

I had the good fortune of meeting "The Terminator" this spring when we started having trouble with tenants. She rescued us on several occasions and we quickly became friends. We entered the world of landlords in 2006. Our troubles started early on. I called her on the last Sunday of the March Break and she called me back immediately. April was always there on a dime when I needed her. She took care of many problems and she quickly made them go away. The services she offers, and her personality to boot, she should be called Wonder Woman. She always made me feel like my issues were important and she dealt with them promptly. Now, add her awesome personality and her wicked sense of humour and you're not only fixing tenant problems, but laughing to kill yourself along the way! Her professionalism is to be envied. She can show up at a tenant's apartment in a ball cap and sweats one day, and then another day show up in court with her briefcase and suit! She has taught us a lot. One thing we learned is that we are not meant to be landlords and have since sold the building, again, with her help. There are no lengths to the distance she will go for her clients. I always felt like I wasn't compensating her enough for all the hard work she did for us. She certainly went the extra miles! If it wasn't for her, we could have lost a lot and paid far more than we did.
Hire her, you will benefit greatly.
   - Lori-Ann and Glenn Seward

April - Words alone cannot express how happy we are with how things turned out in the end with our tenant who would not leave. He made our life miserable once we asked him to leave unless he was willing to follow the terms of the lease. You stepped in to help us and to have him deal directly with you on all issues which made our life so much better...You were quick to respond to our needs and our calls when the tenant was still acting out after you advised him not to speak to us. You went far beyond what we asked you to do or paid you for and that alone told me how important your work is to you. I wish you much success...
All the best in the New Year.
   - Rita

Dear April - We are very pleased with the professional service that we have received from you and your company. We appreciate the thorough, thoughtful and diligent care you extended to us in our hour of need.
   - Rad Whitehead
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